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Jack Kilmer for Saint Laurent

white savior complex: let’s go to a 3rd world country, build a church, get cornrows, and take photos of us saving brown kids for our families back home so they’ll see how humbled we’ve become…but at the same time let’s treat the black kids in America like shit… I mean they are ‘thugs’….

The same white people preaching about missions in Africa [to benefit themselves] are the same white people who are silent about Ferguson and any other injustice forced on black people in the news…We see you.. (via spinals)

(via spinals)


Backstage at Manish Arora Fall 2014 RTW
I love my room, I’m getting used to sleeping
Some nights I really like to lie awake
I hear the midnight birds
The message in their words
The dawn will touch me in a way a boy could never touch
Their promise never meant so much to me

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today a boy told me I was different/my vibe was “something else” and I wanted to scream and then he told me I reminded him of himself and I really wanted to punch him in the face


Dorothée Maziers
From Autoportraits

Why do people have to be this lonely? What’s the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?

Haruki Murakami (via troubled)